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   Despite the widespread implementation of new technologies "gold standard" remains the classical methods of microbiology in isolating pure cultures and subsequent identification of microorganisms. To improve the quality of the research is a requirement for application of reagents, according with the International Standards. To date, this request fully meets international microbiological concern HiMedia Laboratories (India).
Company HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Limited (India), founded in 1975, is one of the world's largest producers of export products to microbiology laboratories. HiMedia Laboratories - the absolute leader in our assortment of laboratory diagnostic reagents in the world.Quality Management System of HiMedia Laboratories company certified to international standards ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003, ISO 9001:2008, WHO GMP, the European quality standard (CE). Products registered with the Commission for the Control of foodstuffs and medicines USA (US FDA), drives to determine the susceptibility of microorganisms to antibiotics that meet international standard, CLSI, indicating the highest quality products and company services. This allows you to export products to more than 85 countries.  

The products of HiMedia Laboratories company has several advantages: high quality, standardization, efficiency, ease of use, variety of assortment, high growth and differentiating properties, high reproducibility, availability of test kits for rapid identification of microorganisms, a wide range of selective nutrient media for the selection of individual agents of infections ; wide selection of CDs with antibiotics, usability, international certificates of quality, availability of registration with the National Center for Expertise of medicines and medical products of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The use of nutrient solution of HiMedia Laboratories, with strict standard set of necessary ingredients, reduces the labor costs of laboratory staff, as well as after dilution they were ready to use and allows them to apply to all laboratories working on a common research protocol that is necessary for standardization of public accountability and cost-effective organization of laboratory services. By range of products the HiMedia Laboratories Company has no analogues in the world. Total production is more than 25 thousand. Among all the products rank a special place nutrient media. HiMedia Laboratories manufactures dry, ready for transport, modified, selective, Chromogenic culture environment. By many environment supplements are available sterile, ready for use.

HiMedia Laboratories provides various kinds of raw materials for biotechnology, such as peptones (enzymatic, biological, soy, Mycological, proteozny, special, etc.), agar (bacteriological, ultra pure, for immunoelectrophoresis, etc.), extracts ( meat, yeast, liver), hydrolysates of casein and lactalbumin), as well as other components of nutrient solution.
Growth and diagnostic properties of growth solution and antibiotic discs were tested in the reference laboratories of the sanitary and epidemiological stations (bacteriological, virological laboratories and laboratories particularly dangerous infections).

The motto of HiMedia Laboratories Company - "For life is precious ."

AG Medical Company HiMedia Kazakhstan is the authorized representative HiMedia Laboratories in the Republic of Kazakhstan. During the years of cooperation with its customers AG Medical Company HiMedia Kazakhstan has established itself as a reliable partner. At present company's products are widely used in Kazakhstan for the practical, scientific and educational purposes. The high quality of the company's products by customers, the company has a large number of positive feedback.
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guarantees constant informational, methodological and advisory support at any stage of cooperation.

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